This really is a Special School!

Yesterday we had Joshua’s Annual Review at school and I have to say that in the 10 years that he has been statemented and in the school system, this was the best example of how an Annual Review should be as far as I am concerned : it was well attended by three staff from school, his social worker, his occupational therapist and epilepsy nurse and us , his parents and it felt like a real ‘multi agency discussion’ of Joshua and his needs.

There were tears of course, only from me, but also much laughter as we heard about Joshua’s sense of humour and his growing interest in young ladies. We debated how to make him more comfortable when he is asleep in class, which happens most days at some stage and recommendations will be forthcoming soon.

We discussed our, now desperate, need for respite/short overnight breaks and all professionals backed us in our demands of the social worker, so I am hopeful that something might happen finally there. The epilepsy nurse plans to fight on our behalf for an additional pair of boots that go over his splints as he is restricted when they need to be repaired. Her colleaugues wished her luck and explained that, if she was successful in her fight, he would be the ONLY child in the area to be granted two pairs!

We were told that we could look at alternative provision when Joshua gets to be 16 years old, but I am adamant that having found the right place for Joshua, that we are not going to move him elsewhere. He is clearly loved at this school and my demands have always just been ‘keep him safe & happy, if he learns something along the way, then that is a bonus’. Not only do they keep him safe and happy in this special school, but they understand the boy that we know and love. let me close by quoting his teacher:

‘ I would hate not to have Josh in my class. you have the most amazing child. He has a knack of making all those around him feel so special and loved’

Now, is it any wonder that there were tears from this very proud mum?

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