Is Life not hard enough??

I was going to write a lovely happy blog this morning, but I have just had a phone call that has made me so cross that I apologise, I need now to rant :

Joshua is incontinent, so our local council supply him with nappies and we are allocated 4 or 5 per day I believe and they are delivered quarterly. Last year our council changed suppliers to Tena, without any consultation, presumably to save money. It is a well known brand name but we are given the least absorbent, cheapest product. Joshua is now 14 and he is thankfully drinking better than ever, so consequently he wees a lot!  As a teenaged boy, he spends a lot of time in bed and I have had several nights where I have had to get us both up and change his pyjamas and bedding because his nappy has leaked twice in one night. so it might be saving the council money but it is costing me much more in laundry powder, electricity and , most importantly, lost sleep!

Being a proactive mum, I looked on Amazon and found his previous make of nappy and purchased their ‘super’ absorbent range so bought  a pack of 28 for £20 plus delivery. I call them his ‘super pants’ and use them every night and have not had any leaks since. I have just re-ordered two more packs for the next 2 months for around £50, but this is still worth spending on. I asked my social worker if I could use my Direct Payment budget to refund my expenditure, but was told not.

Joshua’s continence was discussed at last week’s Annual Review and the school nurses got involved and produced a chart for me to complete, measuring liquid in and out every day for 4 days! I duly completed that, even though I would have thought my word on the leaking products should be sufficient.

I have just had a call from an organisation who is taking over our Local Authority’s cases from July, to organise an assessment. So the assessment will have to wait another 3 weeks until they take over the contract. So I explained the urgency and asked that the assessment should take place during JUne with the current incumbent. But was told, nobody is doing it currently in our area!! which would explain why Joshua’s needs have not been assessed , ever! I am livid an I explained to her that expecting a 14-year-old boy to wake up cold and wet due to an ineffective product is unacceptable and inhumane. I have threatened to expose this scandal to the local newspaper.

I will let you know how things transpire…. watch this space!

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