Music is his first love and it will be his last

This is the post that I meant to write yesterday, before I got my frustrating phone call :

I was working away overnight on Tuesday night and I had a really enjoyable drive back home yesterday morning, listening to the Radio : they played songs that brought back such  memories that the hairs on the back of my neck and on my arms, stood up. Chris Evans played, before 8am when I got home, Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’, The Monkees ‘Day Dream Believer’ and ‘You’re the one that I want’ from Grease as it was number 1 in 1978 on that day!  I turned the radio up loud and sang along at the top of my voice. Then I started to wondering if a love of music is genetic….

Joshua has always had a  physical and emotional reaction to music : from being a baby, I spent many nights dancing around the lounge to ‘I miss you’ by Everything but the Girl as it seemed to soothe him. as he grew older Joshua had favourites which he insisted on being played over and over : U2’s ‘One Love’ was requested by name and he loved Blondie’s ‘Hanging on the Telephone’, he would stand in front of the hi-fi pressing start over and over to hear the introduction of the ringing phone.

Joshua used to sing too and when he started nursery, he had a repertoire of Burt Bacharach songs that he would perform in front of a mirror . We always recall his first teacher praising his singing and commenting that her ” particular favourite was ‘Magic Moments'”. on the way to school I recall, he used to name the instruments playing in Elvis’s American Trilogy!

Now sadly, he cannot ask for a song by name or sing a verse, but he still loves to stand in front of the TV while ‘The Show’ plays his favourites :Travis, Pink Floyd, The Who and U2. it is the first thing he asks for when he gets home from school and we have already worn out a couple of copies of the 2005 Live8 show.

Joshua has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert several times in such exciting  places as Dublin, Florida ,The Isle of Wight Festival, Lisbon and Leeds. The music passes through him somehow and makes him squirm with delight.

The world would be a emptier and quieter place without music and it brings our son, great joy.

One thought on “Music is his first love and it will be his last

  1. I remember being subjected to the start of Blondie’s hanging on the telephone when we came to visit. He had such a cheeky happy face when he kept rushing to press the repeat button, isn’t it funny how Music can really touch us, xx


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