Happy Fathers Day!

Today is Fathers Day and so, in the run up, I have been thinking a lot about my own childhood and my Father’s parenting skills, as we very sadly lost him last November after a long struggle with dementia. Dad and Joshua shared the same birthday and so 5 March was always a very special date in our family, with many shared celebrations over the years. There was the year we had a family weekend in London and the highlight of the weekend was to be to see Lion King in the west end. Sadly we missed the beginning that everyone raves about as we struggled getting out of Covent Garden tube station, dad, always polite, allowed everyone else into the lift in front of him and Joshua lay on the floor of the tube train in protest. So we arrived, all flustered, then settled into our extortionately expensive seats. Both birthday boys promptly fell asleep throughout the performance!

sadly as dad’s dementia progressed, he did not recognise Joshua or his daughters and the downstairs front room was converted into his bedroom. Joshua always liked to play his grandpa a tune on the piano when we came to visit, but I’m not sure that his audience was too appreciative as Dad would often wince at the loud discords! When we accompanied my parents to church, we would often sit in the ‘noisy, naughty corner’ along with a blind man and Oats his guide dog. Joshua usually fell asleep during the sermons but Grandpa would get into more bother by fiddling with the clothing of whoever was sitting next to him!

when Joshua was just three years old, we went to a wedding in Scotland leaving my parents in charge of Joshua and six month old puppies! We had a brilliant break but their weekend had been more challenging : the car had caused traffic chaos when it broke down on the high street. Dad had stuffed his pockets full of biscuits at the local church coffee morning and on the way home, Joshua had removed his shoe and hurled it away without being noticed! We found it the following week as he had expertly hurled it behind some hoarding around building work.

i want to thank my parents so much for all their love and support over the years : they made me who I am and so, made Joshua into the special young man that he is today. Thinking of you today especially Dad, with a tear in my eye but a smile on my face xxx

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