Loved ones staying to watch over us

I derived a real sense of peace from driving with this rainbow last night on our way home from our weekend away, it was a real message of hope and love in my eyes. It confirmed my real belief that our loved ones are still with us, when they die. My husband’s granddad died, very sadly, when Joshua was born and it was his funeral while he was still in Special Care and so I was unable to go.

My sister-in-law brought a small golden charm to the hospital with her that said ‘ I Love you’ on it and gave it to me for Joshua. she explained that her daughter had appeared with it in her pyjama pocket and told her that it was ‘for baby Joshua from Grandad Fred’. My sister in law confirmed that the pyjamas were cleaned and worn regularly and she had never seen that charm before in her life. It was a gift for his great Grandson and his name sake, Joshua Fred.

Once we got home from hospital, I would regularly smell pipe tobacco around the house fr no apparent reason. It gave me comfort and I finally braved up to tell my husband that I had sensed his granddad around and he had smelled his smoke too, without me mentioning it. you so often hear about an elderly family member dying just around the time of a new baby being born. I see my father’s presence in every garden that he has ever touched , through the addition of his favourite cyclamen and hellibores. Yesterday we sprinkled some of his ashes on the rhubarb and a fushcia in the, so that he will physically be present as well as spiritually. Then seeing this beautiful rainbow on the way home, was the icing on the cake!

What more proof do we need?
What more proof do we need?

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