If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

I have recently joined Slimming World in an endeavour to take control of my eating habits and to get fitter and slimmer. It is early days still, I have not completed my first week yet, but I am trying hard.

I always say that Joshua was the first thing in my life that I could not control: up until that point, I knew that if I put lots of effort into something, like school work for instance, then I would get the result that I deserve : I worked hard in my studies and was rewarded with good results. But when I was pregnant with Joshua, I did everything right – didn’t drink, ate sensibly, did not smoke etc – but even so, Joshua was born with life threatening difficulties.

As Joshua has grown up, we have given him everything he has needed – love, shelter, food and appointments galore with the medical profession – but even so, his journey over the last 14 years has not been a smooth one. We tried the ketogenic diet in 2010, which involved sticking rigidly to gruesome recipes, which were eventually over 90% fat content, but he never achieved ketones so after 6 months of misery for both chef and diner, we abandoned the diet. As his anti – epileptic drugs were still not controlling his seizures, we looked elsewhere for a solution and after much wrangling and arguing, we decided to opt for the surgical solution. In Joshua’s case, this meant radical brain surgery at Great Ormond Street last spring. again we did everything right : we went to the best hospital in the country but it was not wholly successful and so over a year on, we are still coping with the unpredictable life with uncontrolled seizures and a lack of sleep!

Despite this lack of control, we will continue trying to help Joshua in the future – we did not succeed at first, so we have no option but to try, try again!

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