Fun in the sun!

This is a new time for me to be blogging but I am finding it too warm to sleep so I thought that I would tell you about my day: Joshua’s teaching assistant/TA had her first day as his out of school personal assistant/PA today and I feel that it went well. A friend with a son with special needs told me that she had found a PA for weekends for her son at school, as many TAs top up their income with weekend work. So back in May I asked his teacher how I could ‘advertise Joshua’ amongst school staff. I was delighted when his TA expressed interest in the position. we have had references, CRB check and many conversations and finally today was the start of our adventure together.

Joshua was cautious when she first arrived as she was not expected to be at home, this is someone who belongs at school in his mind. But he clearly adores her and had a massive grin on his face as they reversed out of the drive, looking forward to a trip with her.. I imagine that it was a daunting prospect to take an uncontrolled epileptic out on your own, especially when usually she has the back up of the school system and school nurses. But as far as I can see this relationship will be win, win all around:

She gets to boost her income and spends more time with the child she cares for during weekdays, gaining an insight into his home life. Joshua gets to have fun with somebody he already knows and likes and he gets to avoid doing boring domestic chores like supermarket shopping, going to the tip or watching his mum cooking meals and instead he goes on outings designed with him in mind : today they had a picnic on the beach in the sunshine followed by an ice cream at the Farm.

And we get some of the weekend to be a couple rather than a family and we can do things that are impossible with Joshua in tow. Instead of relaxing today, we cycled together for 29 miles which was exhausting but exhilarating too. I made sure that the ride was about the journey and not just the final destination. So we had several detours and stops, including one for a chips & curry sauce treat in the sun.

So it is early days for our employer/PA relationship but based on this first day, I am extremely optimistic that it is an arrangement that will benefit us all.

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