Friends will be friends

I have already told you how isolating having a child with special needs can feel, so I cling to the friendships that I have made along the path of my life as a constant source of support and I wish to use today to thank them for everything and for making me who I am today :

My first best friend was my next door neighbour when I was 4 and started school together. We played constantly together and I virtually lived round their house where I relished the busy, noisy household that was so different from my own. All of our sleepover that I can recall were at her house and we made a hole in the fence for easy access so that I didn’t have to walk al the way round. We are still close now and it was she who gave me the necessary push to start to write this blog and for that I am truly grateful.

My next best friend was at high school, and  we had our first boyfriends together and we went around as a foursome. We too are still in touch now and like to catch up when we can. My third best friend  I met at university and we lived together for 3 out of four years and had a ball together. she also now lives in USA with her American husband but we try to meet up when we can and we keep in contact with email and even, good old fashioned letters for  a birthday treat.

When Joshua was expected then born, I moved off serial- best friends, and there was a crowd of 5 of us mums who all went to ante natal classes together and then would meet up with our babies to talk, go to the ball pool together and to share our new mum experience! Joshua was the last baby to be born of this group and with being 2 weeks late, then spending 11 days in Special care, we kept the other 4 new – mums waiting for the grand re-union. we still have a bond today now that our babies are 14 years old. Although I know do not see them as much as I did – although I had lunch with one this week! – I am forever grateful for their friendship and support and for their acceptance of Joshua and me as we do not fit the norm and have challenged their experience of motherhood.

My fourth best friend came as a result of that group and we  have stayed close despite her moving an hour away, but we make time for and support each other through the difficulties that we have both faced. She is a very special lady with great taste, as she adores Joshua and is fond of me too!

Usually by the time you are in your 40s, I expect that most people have made all their friends and have settled down as it were. But I am very excited each time I find a new friend, and Joshua has lead me to make new contacts all the time and who have really enriched my life. making a new friend now,for me  is like the first few dates with a new boyfriend, as everything is fresh and there is so much to learn about each other.

So I have gathered up friends, and continue to do so, through each stage of my life and I than you all, yo know who you are!

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