The colours of my life!

I am not in the least bit artistic, but I do appreciate colour in my life. Sometimes I wear bright colours to cheer myself up and to force some jollity that I do not necessarily feel and other times, I wear bright colours to reflect my bright mood. either way, I do not tend to opt for the little black dress!

At last week’s Governors meeting, Joshua’s teacher explained to us a proposal for a change of uniform colour. The school uniform is currently gold/bright yellow polo shirt and royal blue sweatshirt. I have never had a strong feeling either way about the uniform, but I always send him in one so that Joshua knows from getting dressed that is it a school day and I change him into ‘play clothes’ when he gets home so he realises that school is over.

She was walking the students through the adjoining high school, and one of the children explained how ‘babyish’ the current colours made him feel and he got much support amongst his peers. So at last weeks meeting, we were shown a smart black polo shirt for seniors to wear. Suddenly I see how smart and grown up the black one looks and in contrast how babyish the yellow one appears. so the change was approved by Governors. and the senior uniform was born, due to a bright pupil and a teacher who was listening!

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