Little things mean a lot!

After a night of no sleep at all , yesterday did not look like it was going to be promising, but so many good things happened to me that I want to share them with you :

– I spoke to the 2 managers of the overnight respite providers to arrange to look around, so that is making progress and both sounded lovely, so I am optimistic that at leat one of them will be suitable for regular overnight stays for Joshua.

– 4 pairs of super pants – not just the 1 promised pair – arrived for Joshua to try out and a controlled experiment is going on now, as I type!

– The highlight of my day had to be having 11 classmates and  5 staff round for a preplanned lunch :they all arrived at our house excited and Joshua glared at them all, he was not impressed. I think he thought that they had come to get him as the grin he gave me when I had waved them off, was priceless. He did not join in at all other than to eat the party food slowly and seriously. I was not serious in fact one boy beautifully described me as ‘laughing/smiling a lot’ in sign language, what a fabulous way to be regarded, but in the same ‘breath’ he also signed that I was a loser, so I didn’t get too big-headed! They had been invited for lunch so did not want small talk or to play in the garden, they expected to eat straight away, so that took me by surprise as the pizzas were still cooking, and it felt as pressurised as the last 3 minutes of ‘Bake Off’ to get my food to the table! It all went very quiet as they ate everything on the table – as a hostess, that is the greatest compliment that there is.

They then spilled out into the garden, by which time it was lightly drizzling. some ran around, some played ball, some played hide & seek and some lounged in he loungers! It was great to just see them being children for 30 minutes and again, Joshua refused to join in! I took him to the back door to see the fun he was missing but he stuck hs bottom out and dug his heels in, saying ‘no, no, no’ so I was in no doubt and allowed hm to return to his settee.all too soon they were rushing towards me to thank me and I rudely asked ” have you just been told to come to thank me?” and they confirmed my suspicions but one boy so rightly pointed out :” yes but it’s still nice for us to thank you!” and I almost cried there and then, but held it together until I had watched them disappear in their mini-bus down our lane. what a privilege that visit was and I have asked that it can become a regular Monday item on the timetable!

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