Good things happen to good people – stay awesome!

Mostly I do nice things for people just to make them smile, to make them happy. That is why I do so much baking – it makes most people happy that you have given your time to make something tasty for them to enjoy! But sometimes, like this morning, I have been baking to get something that I want : The builders are coming back at 8am and I want them to repair the flaky bricks in our fireplace, while they are repairing faulty brickwork outside. I am bribing them with chocolate brownies and flapjack!

But this is unusual, normally I do kind things without any expectations, other than a smile : I have a fan club for my shortbread at work and amongst some friends too. I like to give away the spare produce that my husband grows in his poly-tunnel, cucumbers and courgettes at the moment.

But when I do something and get an unexpected responses, that is so rewarding : I recently sent a Roald Dahl audio book collection to the 10-year-old daughter of a university friend. It was not new, I was upcycling, as someone had kindly given it to Joshua one Christmas, but the stories are too advanced for him to enjoy, so I had never opened it. During a recent visit, our friend was talking about his daughter and happened to mention how much she loved Roald Dahl. So after he left, I wrote her a letter and sent the CDs to Holland where they live. In yesterday’s post, I had the sweetest thank you card from her, telling me to “Stay awesome!” and I love it.

My motto is to do things that do not harm me at all, but that make a difference to others. If you do that, I can assure you, that you will be rewarded in so many ways – with friendship, praise and unexpected thank you cards!

One thought on “Good things happen to good people – stay awesome!

  1. Hey Emma well i loved this blog and i can’t bilieve that you did such a thing this must have been tiring for you and i really loved you’re blog……who knows you might get some more letters from me anyways, Lots of love Emilia


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