The one and only

Back in September 2000 we told our families that we were going to have  a baby and there was much rejoicing, as we had been married for 5 years and together for 15. My husband’s grandfather said  ” About time, it should be a lot older than this by now!” , which with hindsight , was right.

Joshua should ideally have had an older brother or sister, to take care of him, to play with him, to dance with and to play the piano for him. but that was not how things worked out and we had three failed attempts to give him a little brother or sister to play with him, dance with him and for him to play the guitar to. So that was not to be either.

We looked into adoption, to find him a ready-made brother or sister, but decided, having taken the course, that we were not equipped to provide a potentially troubled youngster, everything that they might need. And with hindsight, this was probably for the best as I have never understood how larger families cope with a prolonged hospital stay of a sibling as Joshua has had two fortnight long admissions to a ward in the last two years.

So, perhaps everything happens for a reason and we were always destined to be a happy family of three, and no more.

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