Celebrate success, no matter how small

Later today, weather permitting, it will be the senior sports day at Joshua’s school. This was a day in the school calendar that I used to dread, being neither competitive nor sporty. I was delighted when One year I won third place in the Obstacle race. So you would think that I would feel the same sense of impending doom for Joshua’s sports day, as he has inherited his mother’s sporting prowess! But it is quite the opposite, it is a joyful occasion when teenagers of all abilities race with such enthusiasm and staff, peers and parents alike, rejoice in their accomplishments.

I am not sure that Joshua understands what it is all about but he has certainly in the past, picked up on the electric  atmosphere and has thrown himself into the event, usually dragged along by his enthusiastic teaching assistant. It is usually well attended by parents too and so also represents an opportunity for me to meet some more fellow parents.

This outlook towards sports day is also repeated on a weekly basis during senor assemblies, when certificates of achievement are awarded to key performers in each class. Joshua has earned more than his fair share of this document over his years, and his achievements range from being vocal in class and removing his own coat to staying awake for a whole morning. I have been privileged enough to witness several of these assemblies as I have worked as a volunteer on Friday afternoons. The recipients of these certificates are invited to up to the front of the hall where they receive a round of applause from the audience and a hand shake from the Head.

The home/school diary is another means of sharing success with parents, in that it can be used to relay stories from the school day,to give parents a flavour of activities. As far as I can see there are many ways that this school celebrate success, no matter how small the achievement is.

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