Mingling opportunities

The sports day went ahead yesterday as planned and it was every bit as fun as I had predicted : Joshua had not slept at all the night before, but despite this, he was indeed entered for four races which he enjoyed, even though he was indeed dragged to the finish line in most cases. I got in the way by standing at the end of the finish line cheering him, at his rivals, on and was rewarded with a big grin as I became the goal to run towards.

Not only did I enjoy the children’s races but it was a great social occasion, chatting to both staff and parents’ alike. As well as sharing in Joshua’s success, my lemon drizzle cake contribution to the tea-table was enjoyed as an alternative to a bourbon cream! There were not too many parents in attendance, possibly as it was a postponed event, but I mingled amongst those that I knew and had spoken to before.

There is another similar opportunity tonight in the form of the end of term school disco, which I plan to take Joshua along to, even though returning to the school building at 6pm has previously confused him! he may or may not have the energy to dance but it is another opportunity to mingle with the pupils, staff and parents alike.

I wish to apologise to one member of staff who I may have snapped at when  she, as I was leaving sports day, wished me a great summer holiday! I explained that while she was on he brink of 7 weeks off, I would still be in work come Monday morning and during that time would only be taking 10 days off. She was simply being pleasant and did not need to hear my jealous response to her kind wishes. For that, I apologise.

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