The end of term, bring on the holidays!

Today will be the last day of term for our school and we signified this last night with the summer school disco. We went along of course and enjoyed the evening very much : it represented another opportunity to mix socially with fellow pupils, school staff and other parents.  We enjoyed the dj-led disco who brought mesmerizing lights and the tasty hot dogs. it was two hours of fun and my only wish was that more parents could have brought their children along to share in the fun.

Joshua even won a prize for his surprising limbo dancing, but he was eliminated from Musical Statues because he leant over for a hug ,while we were supposed to be frozen still.

I hope that all the staff and pupils alike have a wonderful summer off and return to school, fully refreshed in September. I have high hopes for the next academic year, not only for Joshua but for my continued involvement with the school

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