We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Today is the first day of the school holidays and the next 7 weeks are stretching out in front of us. yet I know how quickly they will pass as, before we know it, we will be getting the uniform out again and asking where did the time fly to? Usually I find childcare over the holidays difficult and I also suffer from guilt that it is not me that is sharing the holidays with Joshua, as I am still at work.

But this summer I am optimistic that I have a number of childcare options and that we will enjoy a good summer together, so that there is no room for guilt, which is such a futile emotion. next week for instance I have a combination of childcare options to ensure that Joshua is well cared for and has fun : On MOnday his Direct Payment worker will have him until tea time when we will go to Riding for the Disabled, on Tuesday again it will be Direct Payment worker until 4ish when  will take him to a local soft play area where we are meeting friends for tea. A morning on Wednesday with DP worker again but then we will be driving to granny’s house, as she will look after her grandson while i have to work that evening and again Thursday morning, so we are both staying overnight at my parent’s house then driving back in the afternoon. On Friday Joshua is having a ful day with hs TA/PA while I go out with girlfriends for the day!

As you can see it is all worked out now, like military manoeuvres and will give Joshua some fun variety of activities, carers and settings. I just hope everything goes to plan as in our lives, things rarely do so watch this space!

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