Carnival is in town

Once a year our town has its Carnival weekend and it always coincides with when the schools break up, so it is an exciting weekend. So Yesterday we walked from home, with Joshua is his wheelchair, covered in suncream as it was a glorious day, into town. We caught the parade with floats, armed forces,, fire engine, majorettes and a piper arching band leading the way. Joshua appeared to love the procession.

Then we walked into the park where the park ends and we were surprised at the large crowds gathering there, so the sunshine must ave brought visitors out. we set up camp on the hill where we cold watch the local bands play from out rug and then we took it in turns to browse amongst the stalls and displays. The bands were of a high standard and we stayed on our rug until it was tea time by the time we got home and Joshua had his medication but then took himself off to bed!

It is a special weekend for several reasons

– it makes the town feel closer, like a real community, as everyone pulls and meets together, and in this busy times, those occasions are rare

– I met lots of people that I know, from Joshua’s old mainstream school, from work and even from my recently joined Slimming World,so new friends, and so it was a very sociable day

– Joshua adores music so much that he danced in front of a fun Madness-tribute band, he almost climbed inside the speakers he was having so much fun

– I realise that we are lucky in some ways – Joshua is not interested in fairground rides so while he was appreciating free music all afternoon, my friends were handing over £20-notes after £20-notes for endless fair rides! So here is today’s silver lining!

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