My loving son

I have often heard it said that a child with Downs is particularly loving and I have wondered why that might be? Joshua is a very loving boy, and so I ask myself, is he just reflecting back the love that he is shown? or is there something about disability that makes sufferers more loving?

Joshua has always been a very cuddly boy and that is the same now that he is a 5 foot 10 teenager, as when he was a toddler. This morning we went back to our carnival in the park for the outdoor church service in the park. It had been raining all morning but at 11.45, when the service began, the sun shone brightly. we sang hymns, thanking God for creation, surrounded by blue skies and tall green trees and I found it very moving. Joshua was enjoying watching in his wheelchair and I undid his seatbelt so that he could stand and walk about if he wanted to.

During one hymn, he stood up out of his wheelchair and he walked a couple of steps to a ‘steward’ who was handing out hymn sheets. He reached his arms out around his neck and hugged him, they hugged each other for about a minute and then he sat back down again. Of course I wept as I found it so moving; Joshua has so much love to give and he made that man’s day I am sure, he was beaming after the embrace.

Now I know he should not be encouraged to hug strangers and old men in the park in particular, but I was supervising and they had a shared moment together, how can that be wrong? As long as I have breath left in my body, I will be proud to have a son who can show so much love to others , he is indeed a very special boy.

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