Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Joshua has never liked having his hair cut, which is a real shame because he has always had very thick, fast growing hair and never had the fine, wispy baby hair. we have never had regular haircuts as it is so traumatic: He needs to be restrained and is clearly unhappy. when Joshua was small, we were thrown out of a barber as he thrashed about too much and the stylist cut her finger. She refused to continue and we had to leave, with only half a hair cut.!

So I took him to my salon and begged her to finish the hair cut off, which she kindly and bravely dd. For years we went a couple of times a year with him sitting on my knee, with me holding his arms tight down by his side while she did the best she could while he thrashed from side to side. It always felt like  an intense work out.

Then she had a brain wave and she sold me her old clippers and we began to cut his hair ourselves in the hall. we would all strip down to our underwear so that we didn’t get too hairy, and again I sat on a kitchen chair with his arms pinned down. My husband would simply cut his hair, as quickly as he could, all one length. We would shave it as short as possible, knowing  that meant that it would not need doing again for sometime. But it did mean that until it grew, he would look rather thuggish.

Last year, for some reason, my hairdresser persuaded me to bring Joshua back, now 14, she thought he might be more tolerant. We had an appointment at te end of the day, with no other customers, and they turn the music up loud to distract him. Joshua did begin to complain, but much calmer than when he was a toddler, just a small amount of head thrashing and a very low ” no, no, no”. I did not need to restrain his arms just sit opposite him and held his hands – what progress! It meant that  Joshua, for the first time in his life really, has a proper hair style as now we go for ‘regular’ appointments. Last time he had his hair cut, he admired her handy-work in the mirror afterwards and he was clearly pleased with what he saw.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank my hairdresser for her patience, flexibility and skill with an awkward client! I would also like to reassure those of you who have toddlers who hate having their hair cut, that it may change in the future. Do not give up hope but persevere and be guided by what your child will tolerate, and you too may have a smart, cool looking teenager one day. I hugged my hair dresser in Tesco last year, thanking her for making Joshua look more ‘norma’ – it is just a small thing, but it means so much as first impressions count.

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