Mums day out at the seaside!

Today is my day off work and I am away, with a friend, to visit another mutual friend for the day. It is school holidays so Joshua is at home and in the past, I would have taken him with me and we would have had a lovely time together. However, today we are having a child-free ladies day and the tone and activities will be completely different and we can focus on each other, rather than letting Joshua dominating events. I will not have to have eyes in the back of my head!

Joshua is having a full day with his PA, to allow me to leave him at home and in theory ‘to leave my cares behind’. This will be the longest time that Joshua  has spent with his PA and the furthest away that I will be from them both, but we need to relax and let go. it is unfortunate that Joshua needed his emergency medicine for seizures at this time yesterday, as this inevitably makes me more anxious about leaving him as the prospect of having seizures & requiring intervention, is at the forefront of my mind. I will be glued to my mobile phone and the very real advantage of using his TA as  PA, is that she is highly familiar with his seizures and the procedure if she does need to intervene.

But despite this concern, I refuse to change my plans for the day out. It is about taking calculated risks and ultimately, I will be just under an hour away and I will be staying in touch. I am sure that a day apart will be good for us both and so we will be so much happier over the weekend, when we will be together 24/7. Watch this space!

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