My Grand day out!

I asked you to watch this space about my day out and so I feel I need to update you: I had my idea of a perfect day, with great company, good food and 90% laughter and the inevitable 10% tears! we talked constantly and have so much in common that we were sharing and listening. We were certainly livelier than we would have been had we each had our children with us and one friend likened us to the 3 friends in  Mamma Mia, with all the squealing when we first got together. It was sunny enough for us to sit outside with our lunch, and I adore eating al fresco.

I have to confess though, we did not see the seaside, we saw our friends flat and her garden and the inside of my car! It was not about the scenery yesterday, it was about 3 friends having fun.

Joshua also had fun on his day out and I have photos and even a video to prove it. He was worn out on the settee  when I got home at 5.15 and as I was chatting to his PA, we must have been too loud and excitable, as he pulled his blanket over hs head and hid!

Thank you Direct Payments and PA for making this very special day, possible! we are already planning the next one!

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