Is this my destiny?

Just sometimes I get the feeling that certain things in my life happen for a preordained reason : I often feel that in hospitals in particular but also in schools. I have been able to listen to, support, help and encourage several parents of special needs children over the last 14 years :

I think I have already mentioned the devastated mum in hospital who had just had her baby’s new brain damage diagnosis, who went away smiling, not crying, after she met Joshua! But she is not an isolated case; we have gathered up mothers after every long hospital stay and some of them, I am still in touch with now. we have a shared bond as mothers with a child with difficulties to face so we cut out the meaningless small talk and go straight to the questions and themes that matter.

There was also the mother that I bumped into out of the lift the other month, who needed my help to reach her ultrasound appointment. I made a offical complaint about the lack of navigation support and it is being dealt with as I type! how perfect if that encounter could result in a change of policy at that particular hospital!

To a lesser extent, that has happened at the two special schools that Joshua has attended, I have encountered the same chance meetings. For example I sat next to a random mum at Joshua’s first sports day at his current school. although our children have very different problems and experiences, we can support each other as we have a shared understanding of sleep deprivation and the need for respite for instance. So was there some external force that meant that I sat in that particular seat on that particular day?

Another friend responded with a lovely letter, when I sent her a photograph, via school, of her son. She gave me her phone number in the letter and of course I called her  and we immediately hit it off, talking and sharing, and despite leaving that school, we are still good friends now. So  was this chain reaction all started just by a chance photograph?

I may respond differently to some to this chance meetings/contact, but I am speculating if some higher being/force might be  setting these chances up for me, then sitting back to see how I move them forward.

One thought on “Is this my destiny?

  1. No, definitely not a chance of it being just by chance. We all have a reason for being in this planet and as my pastor keeps saying, “We are here to live life together.” You have been tested and blessed again and again to affect the lives of others who are just now experiencing many of the same things you have already learned.

    God knows what we need and the perfect people to place in our paths to help us along on life’s journey.


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