What really makes for a bad day?

I had a really busy day at work yesterday, facing lots of challenging issues and having some difficult conversations, but when I got home at 6pm, I faced  a much more difficult challenge : Joshua had had a seizure at 5.15pm but had made  a good recovery. But as I was catching up about his day, Joshua had another seizure at 6.15 and then a third an hour later, at which point I administered his emergency medication to try to stop this cluster and enable him to sleep them off. The midazolam worked as it should and Joshua spent the evening asleep on the settee in the lounge.

But he woke up again around 10pm, when I gave him both a bath and some cereal. I feared the worse then, that we were heading for one of his sleepless nights! I was starting to regret not napping in the early evening, while I could store up some sleep! His dad took him upstairs to bed at 11pm, while I napped but poor Joshua fell to the floor at 12.30 with a fourth seizure. I snuggled in next to my quivering boy and we both fell fast asleep until 5am.

I have to say that right now, my difficult day at work is long forgotten, and ALL that matters is taking care of Joshua and helping him get through this cluster of difficult seizures, so that we get our happy, huggy boy back!

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