Be careful what you wish for

The last couple of Blogs have been pretty heavy going, so I am thinking of something lighter that I can share with you today: so I am turning my attention to times when Joshua’s sense of humour has made me roar with laughter. He inherited his sense of humour from his namesake granddad Fred, Joshua Fred would have adored his teases and funny noises, but sadly he died a couple of days before Joshua was born.

When Joshua came home from Great Ormond Street, he was not able to put any weight on his feet and so he lived downstairs, where we set up a bedroom and my husband even created a mobile bath on wheels, to be plumbed into the washing machine supply ., So he had everything he needed at hand. When he was sitting in the snug on the settee, I rushed from the window to the kitchen to answer the phone, and I tripped over Joshua’s leg and I apologised to him. As the day wore on, it happened again, and then I realised that Joshua was deliberately sticking his foot out to trip me up for his own amusement. He does not do it all of the time, but only when he is in the mood.

A couple of years ago, we went around the neighbouring Farm with two mum-friends and their children. Joshua enjoyed looking at all of the animals but his favourite thing at the time, was to get out of his wheelchair, and to throw fish food into the pond for the fish. He walked alongside the wheelchair as we moved away , when all of a sudden my rucksack went flying through the air and landed with a splash in the pond! We all roared with laughter, including Joshua but thankfully, I was able to fish it out again and no real harm was done.

When Joshua was a toddler, I told the health visitor that I hoped that Joshua was naughty as it would show that he had spirit. Now that he is 14 and has a real twinkle in his eye, I am left in no doubt that our son is full of mischievous spirit. The friends and teachers that I love most, are those who can see beyond the non-verbal, sleepy epileptic boy to find the cheeky lad that I know and love.

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