Ask a busy person!

My life seems full to bursting with caring for Joshua , looking after 4 dogs and working 4 days a week, but they do say ‘if you want something doing, then ask a busy person’. I think that is true as it tends to be a frame of mind. I get used to the hustle and bustle of busy days and so I seem able to fit a lot into my day off ( today!!) and my weekends, as the momentum keeps going even when work is not there to fill the void.

I have already explained that I am an early riser, so I have already achieved several tasks before my boys wake up, although I try very hard to engage only in quiet tasks : baking  is a perfect early activity as it is relatively quiet but creates a great aroma and hopefully something tasty to eat! I blog now on waking but I also do my letter writing and emailing in this early slot too. Thankfully hoovering and the washing machine are too noisy, so I am saved from domestic chores!  But after 6am I am able to go supermarket shopping and t is a great time to go to Tesco, so much so I think I am well-known there, often in my slippers and an odd assortment of clothes, whatever  can find in the bathroom so I do not disturb the rest of the household. There are never any queues and plenty of staff around satcking shelves.

I have been known to visit an earlybird friend at 7am one sunday, and was back home for 9am, without my boys even missing me! it is rare that I send my morning watching a film on the television but it has been known. I have not yet decided how early I could cut the grass as our petrol mower is quite noisy and the dew can put a stop to my fun.

So when you are waking to read my blog, just think about all that you have missed – the birdsong and stunning sunrises. I really love this early quiet time to gather my thoughts and get ready for whatever the day might choose to throw at me.

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