Every Little Helps!

I spoke to the till operator in the local supermarket this morning, and noticed that he was wearing 2 hearing aids. he asked me if I needed any plastic bags but I had my head in my trolley unpacking it as I replied, he cold not lip read.  We joked about that and I asked him how he found working at the supermarket and we had a long chat about his disability and  how it had impacted on his life, as he scanned and I packed my shopping.He told me that he did not feel disabled as there were many others who were worse off than him and I agreed.

The customers behind me and on the neighboring till were listening and scowling at me, presumably they thought that or chat was holding the queue up. But the day that I haven’t got time to listen to a stranger, who clearly wanted to talk, is a very bleak day indeed,as this is what it is to be human isn’t it?

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