Minty Mayhem

We are heading out this afternoon to a charity polo event, which will be our first experience of the sport, so that is exciting! It will be fun to experience something for the first time alongside Joshua, and we may find that it is his favourite sport ever. while he enjoys observing many things, rather than participating, I would not say that competitive sports is particularly his passion! He must get that indifference from me, as his dad is passionate about his football team, whereas I avoid sport.

Joshua loves to observe simpler things as a rule : he can gaze at the waves on the shore for hours and it never fails to thrill him. He loves a fountain or water feature, so he has an affinity with water. Joshua loves to watch live music performances and his taste is eclectic ranging from buskers to brass bands, gospel to Bruce Springsteen. we have taken him to them all and enjoy watching the music make Joshua tingle with pleasure. He enjoys watching other children playing, the noisier the better.

We have taken Joshua to the cinema and when he was younger he loved the dark auditorium and the surround sound. While we were in Canada on holiday in 2005, we went to see Madagascar three times as he loved it so much, and he still loves it today unfortunately – ten years is a long time to be re-watching any animated film, although it is one of the better ones!

So if polo becomes his favourite spectator sport, and he does love horses after all so it is not a completely ridiculous concept, then we may have found ourselves an expensive hobby! again I ask you to watch this space……

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