The elusive super pants!

Back on 10 JUne I had my only ‘rant’ in this blog and it surrounded Joshua’s incontinence and the struggles I had had to get him the correct continence products! now it is almost two months later, let me update you on where we are now:

On 2 July I had a meeting at school with a continence nurse and the representative from the supplier that our Health authority have a contract with. After 30 minutes of being patronised – ‘let me show you how to use these products properly! I have been fitting nappies onto my son several times a day for 14 and a half years almost so I think I know about the sticky tabs! – we agreed that I would receive one night-time nappy and 3 daytime thinner products to trial and compare with what I am buying from Amazon, at huge personal expense.

The trial products arrived and they even spoilt me by sending 4 night-time and 8 daytime nappies! I used them and recorded the results over the course of the next few weeks – of the nighttime products, 1 was dry so was not tested fully by morning, 2 leaked and wet the bed and one was successful! so I reported that experience back to the continence nurse and asked what solutions we could try next?

On receipt of that email, I had a call asking if a nurse could come round the next day to see us both at home. I agreed and came home from work specially and organised for Joshua to be there too. she asked exactly the same questions as we had gone through at school a month earlier and tried to complete the same ridiculous form about the number of mls of liquid in and the number that come out! I was irritated by that exercise when I was first asked to do that after Joshua’s annual review back in June but on the third attempt , I began to lose patience. but she was pleasant enough and seemed to appreciate the difficulties that we had been experiencing so I had higher hopes of a resolution. However I have no idea why Joshua had to be there as she did not measure him or engage with him at all, so he slept through the meeting!

But I have heard nothing since then, so I emailed this weekend to find out what was happening, now 2 months on from my first complaint in June, and did I need to order more ‘super pants’ from Amazon or was a delivery imminent? I was called by the continence nurse yesterday : she explained that she had just got back off holiday and the nurse who had visited us at home was not due back until Wednesday this week! so she did not know where our case was up to and yes, it would be wise to order more Super pants ready for our holiday.

I work in the private sector, and we have invested a lot of time and money into systems so that if I am off work, my colleagues can pick up any of my projects/clients and can see where a job is up to so that queries can be handled even when a project manager is absent. So why could she not do the same, before ringing me back, why could she not look into Joshua’s case and be able to tell me its status? It is basic good project management and why, in NHS is it acceptable to take 2 months and still not resolve a basic, simple issue like mine? In our company, if a client had complained on 10 June, the issue would have been resolved within days, or possibly a week, but here I am almost two months on, and still we are no further on because the continence nurse is ‘not the budget holder’! This particular part of the NHS is badly broken.

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