Holiday heaven

I have worked really hard for the last two days in particular with this goal in mind : that I could take today off as lieu time, in order to prepare for our imminent holiday in a more leisurely way. Yesterday in the office, I got that silly, pre-holiday giddiness and I now apologise to my  colleagues who are left behind in my wake!

But we do not get enough quality time, just the three of us, to relax and play together. Even at weekends there is not sufficient time to unwind before it is back to the  world of work, with the pressure of deadlines, office politics and awkward clients. During term time there is of course the added drama of getting Joshua up against his will so that he is ready for his taxi to school by 8.15. So he has been enjoying long lie ins in the school holidays, mostly until lunchtime when I have not needed him to be up and out!

So the next ten days will be about doing fun things together, at a more leisurely pace than normal. We are taking our bicycles away with us so that we can enjoy some bike rides. We are starting as we mean to go on, and today we are meeting my sister and niece for lunch and some retail therapy! Let the good times roll….

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