Five go mad at the seaside!

I am sorry that I was not here yesterday – I actually had some complaints!! It was not that I had nothing to tell you but that I had terrible wifi issues and so I could not get online. I have found a solution today so I am back!

On Wednesday I warned you that I was going on holiday and how excited I was; we are now here and my first day lived up to my high expectations. I was awake early and took the dogs for a walk as it got light. When I got back, I enjoyed breakfast with my mum, where we shared stories and put the world to rights! It was some time before Joshua and his dad emerged from their beds!

We did jobs all morning, while I was unpacking and messing with my wifi, Mum had a list of household chores for my husband to do while she supervised. We walked to a restaurant for lunch, overlooking the beach, I always like to abandon the car for the first day of holiday at least after the long drive down here. We went back to the house where I planned to lounge in the sunshine but gardening tasks were allocated!

My husband and I escaped on a 8.7 mile bike ride which was fun, apart from the hills and traffic behind me on narrow roads. Mum had tea waiting for us on our return and an evening stroll, with Joshua in his wheelchair, rounded the day off.

Joshua has slept and smiled a lot yesterday, so that sounds like a good start to our holiday, long may both continue

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