Five break their routine on holiday!

We are sharing our holiday with my mum until tomorrow and she likes her routine : we have been teasing her because she likes to have tea and cake at 4pm and not a minute earlier and , although tempted, she did not want to have an ice cream in the morning when my husband did! I offered her a bacon and egg brunch  but this was greeted with ‘No I have coffee and shortbread at 10.30!’

Some children with special needs are disturbed by a break in their routine, but not Joshua : he loves it at this house where he has been staying for holidays all his life. He adapts well to a different bedroom and altered mealtimes. Being a laid back boy, he takes changes largely in his stride. He was so excited that he knew where he was going once he got onto the ferry. many of the children at Joshua’s school need to be prepared for any change of routine, days in advance, so that they can cope with, for example, the school residential trip. As Joshua does not understand the concept of the future tense, I have never found that, personally, helpful. If I tell him that he is going to have a bath later, he still will head upstairs to the bathroom. so as a result, much of Joshua’s life is a surprise to him, he is taken all over the place both on fun trips and holidays, but also medical appointments that he has not been prepared for in advance. So far I think he has taken everything in his life in his stride, even major brain surgery which is pretty astounding really. we are certainly blessed with an adaptable, accommodating son.

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