Five return to their favourite places!

I have been coming to this cottage on holiday all my life and so it is a real ‘home from home’ for me but I am very lucky that my husband and son seem to love it as much as I do. Returning to a favourite haunt is quite a different holiday experience than going to somewhere for the first time. With Joshua it is so much easier to return to the familiar as we know about disabled access, he is familiar with where his bedroom is, we know which dog walks are wheel chair accessible and there is one particular beach cafe that has witnessed Joshua grow from being a toddler to the teenager who ate his lunch there yesterday.

Last Autumn we went to Florida and we were very fortunate that the condo we hired was spacious enough to accommodate Joshua’s wheelchair and that there was an IHop just opposite for tasty pancakes at all times of day, but until we got there we did not really appreciate these winning factors. We were on the third floor but lifts made it accessible and the height meant that our view from the balcony over the bay, where we watched dolphins swim, was superb! Somehow even with the benefit of Trip Advisor, booking new accommodation feels like taking a risk. Fortunately, this Floridian risk more than paid off and now we are considering returning to this known quantity!

I can recall the excitement of exploring a new area on holiday, when as a couple we would venture to new destinations but having Joshua with us has made us appreciate the certain, safe option so much more

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