Five share a love of music

Yesterday we went to enjoy the events of Cowes Week, which is always fun even though we are not into sailing at all. There is such a carnival atmosphere across the town and as it was drizzling, it was not as madly busy as we have known it to be some years. It is Great Everyone Rallies Mainly Across North promenade where there are stalls, food outlets and musicians to explore. We ended up in a bar watching a sole guitarist with a great voice and once again the music seemed to course through Joshua’s body : he squirms with pleasure when he listens to music and his face is mesmerised. I tend to spend more time watching Joshua than watching the act and I can see other members of the audience enjoying Joshua’s reaction too. When a ‘gypsy jazz’ band came onto the stage, it was not really our style of music but Joshua stood up out of his wheelchair, and walked to the stage to get a closer look or ‘feel’ of the rhythm and various instruments. It really is such a sensory experience for him.

I now have a list of performers for the rest of the week so I know we will be back later in the week.

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