Five reminiss on holiday

Some of you may recall that on Fathers Day this year, I was moved by a rainbow which I interpreted as my deceased father’s presence with us that weekend. Well yesterday I had a similar sign that he was around. We scattered some of dad’s ashes on Saturday afternoon on a favourite cliff walk.

Yesterday we decided to walk up the hill and to take some photographs for the family members who were not present at the weekend. When we had scattered dad’s ashes we had selected the precise location on the basis of a sheltered spot where some pretty wild flowers were growing. They were still there yesterday but they were being visited by several pretty pale blue butterflies. I sat amongst the flowers and butterflies for a while admiring the sea view and decided that this was a perfect resting place.

We had a pub lunch at the top of the hill and in the field next to Dad, a herd of cattle had gathered to greet us. Dad loved cows and used to snort at them to greet them , so that too made me smile. I am now more convinced than ever that Dad is still watching over us.

This gives me real comfort not just as a bereaved daughter, but I worry about Joshua when we have gone. Now I am confident that I will be able to keep a close eye on him as he grows older without us in his life.

photo 5

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