Five head home – all good things must come to an end!

It is time to pack up and tidy up this morning and back to reality and back to work tomorrow morning. The sensible thing to have done was to have gone home yesterday as planned, but my heart will always overrule my head, so when the opportunity came to stay an extra day, there was only ever one likely outcome!!
When I return to work, I mostly miss all three of us being together all day and being able to choose how to spend our time : it is freedom that holidays bring us – freedom to eat what we like, when we like and to go out or stay in when we like. Due to Joshua ,and my own sleeping habits to be fair, holidays no longer mean a long lie in and reading books in the sunshine, but I am happy enough with that. I have completed one of my books and started another – Autism and horses seem to feature rather heavily in my summer reading list!
But as well as the structure of work, returning home also means some separation from Joshua : I have booked my ‘childcare’ for next week. So returning home also means that I resume my working identity rather than just being ‘Joshua’s Mum’, something that I can control more than I can an unpredictable life with epilepsy and something that I usually do well, rather than always feeling like I could have done better.
Enough blogging for now, I have suitcases to pack and a house to tidy and clean…..

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