Five go their separate ways

So the inevitable return to work happened today  and I arrived relaxed, refreshed and raring to go, having cycled into the office and having left Joshua in his carer’s safe hands. I spent the first hour of the day reading through emails from the previous ten days and to reminding myself what I had promised to do before we went away.

As the morning wore on, I began to tire and to get hungry – my stomach was wondering where its doughnut for elevenseses was! Although I had cycled 2 miles to the office from home, it was still not the same as a 6am beach walk to start the day! It was reported to me too that Joshua was also feeling the strain and he refused to get up until midday, having his Weetabix in bed while lying down !!I blamed his holiday ‘jet lag’ from the island. He did eventually give in and get up and went on to have a lovely day at the neighbouring farm.

At lunchtime, I needed to blow away cobwebs so I cycled via the seafront into town to by a sandwich. That certainly helped to revitalise me and I worked until 6.30, so it was a long first day back. There were some highs and some lows during the day but Joshua gave me a lovely smile when I got home and I told him how much I had missed him. It may be easier when we get back to the normal routine when he is back at school too, so that I do not feel as though I am missing out on his fun and games so much, but he has another three weeks of lie ins to go!

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