Constant source of surprise and delight

In an earlier blog I told you how amazed we were when Joshua mastered the two-handled door on he landing to enable him to open it and to come downstairs at will and his teacher revealed that he was able to achieve the same dexterity at school, enabling him to access her office. Last night Joshua showed us a new skill that he has achieved :

For about a year now we have had a bolt across the top of the snug door to keep Joshua in the room and away from our step stairs. So it is now habit that we lock ourselves into the snug when coming and going and usually, Joshua stands for a while tugging frustrated at the door handle when he wants to go upstairs, typically for a bath. But last night, for the first time ever, while my husband and I were talking, he stood up and went to the door and pulled at it. he realised it was locked so he reached up to the bolt and wiggled it! we both watched open-mouthed, half wiling him to succeed and achieve a new skill and half dreading him being able to access the stairs! He tried this manoeuvre twice and was unsuccessful but certainly knew what he was doing and what he was trying to achieve. I am pretty certain that he will master that skill this week and then we will have to find a new way of containing our Harry Houdini!!

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