Sleeping Beauty

This week I have been going off to work at 8.45 leaving Joshua asleep in his bed with his carer eagerly wanting to take him out and about in the sunshine. She reported yesterday that she was hoovering outside his bedroom door – lucky me for her to fill her waiting time with chores like ironing and hoovering! – he sat up, glared at her and pulled his duvet over his head. What a grumpy teenager! She has been allowing him to sleep until midday, as I did on holiday, but then insisting that he gets up and does some activity or else he would probably sleep all day.

We have had these lie ins the last few Summers now and unless we have a schedule, I can leave him to sleep as he must need it and there has always been a link between his seizures and sleep deprivation, though I am not really sure which causes which. But next week we are booked on a school outing and we need to assemble at 9am which will be a real struggle for him. But it is good practice as come 8 September, he will need to be up , dressed and breakfasted ready for his taxi to school at 8.20. At this moment in time, that seems an impossibility but we will manage it, even if he spends his first week of school asleep on his giant beanbag in the classroom, rather than in his comfortable bed!

My plan is to get him to bed earlier and up earlier during that last week of the holidays, so that we ease back into the school routine. A seven week holiday is a long time for a child with special needs and is certainly long enough for him to get out of the routine of getting up for school. I have often wished that humans were better designed and that we could store sleep up for when we needed it, that way all these 15 hour nights’ sleep, could be banked ready for term time. I am sure teachers as well as pupils would appreciate that!

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