School holiday fun!

Time really does fly by, I have just realised that we have been home from our holidays for a whole week now and I only just finished the unpacking yesterday!Joshua has slept for much of that week – he did not wake up until 3pm yesterday so he must now have caught up on his missing night’s sleep! I was concerned that after such a long lie in, that he would not sleep again last night. But we dozed off together on the settee and my husband simply covered us up with a blanket, rather than contemplating waking and moving us both.

The week ahead seems exciting : our new respite provider is visiting us at home tomorrow afternoon to meet Joshua for the first time and that should get the ball moving there, although it seems to be trickling towards his first overnight stay in November, which feels forever away. That means we will have been without respite for 9 months!

On Wednesday we are going on a coach trip to a wildlife park together with the other local special schools, which should be fun and then we have been invited out for tea, so I don’t even have to cook afterwards!

Then we have a long weekend away to look forward to, with two country agricultural shows ahead.

When we get back home, there will be just one more week remaining of the school holidays, so where have all those weeks gone? some years I have felt sad about the summer that I have missed out on,but not this year : we have made the most of this school holiday, while working too ,and that is not an easy balance to achieve.But for once, I think that we might have got it right!

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