Mum out of action

Yesterday  we had a family day out shopping but when we got home, I did not feel well and fell asleep, with Joshua, on the settee for a couple of hours. When I woke up, I had a temperature and felt nauseous and I kept nodding off asleep again. I cold not move off the settee so Joshua’s Dad was responsible for making their tea, for giving Joshua his medication and for getting him to bed, which are all things that I usually do.

Joshua was thrown by the change of routine and he rejected his medication at first, looking in my direction, as if to ask if Daddy was allowed to do this. Then he was marched off to bed and I was marched upstairs to bed soon after, where I slept all night through. Thankfully I have woken up this morning just with a dull headache, but none of the nausea.I have no idea what it was but I am just relieved that it has come and gone quickly.

Joshua would not understand why his mum was lying down and not taking care of him, he prodded me a few times to try to get me up. He even tried to sit on my delicate stomach! Thank goodness it was not an illness that lasted a long time and that Joshua’s dad was on hand to be able to take over parental duties.Lets hope that we have seen the back of that lurgy, so that we can both go on to enjoy another week of school holidays together.

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