I need to book in some ‘me time’!

I know that some readers start their day by reading my blog on waking and to them, I apologise today but… I had a lie in until after 7am!!! It is amazing that I had 7.5 hours sleep as I have not had that much, or slept that late, since the start of May! The only problems are that I am not used to that luxury so it has given me a headache and I am feeling as though I have wasted the morning as I would usually have achieved so much more by now. But I am content to start my bank holiday weekend with such an achievement!

I did have a busy day yesterday – I left home at 8.15 and drove 2.5 hours for two meetings with a long-standing client, then I drove home again. I covered 250 miles and was home for 6pm, to be greeted by a very jolly Joshua. we had some hugs and I gave him his tea, then he settled down on the armchair for a nap after HIS busy day.  I made our tea and afterwards, I went into the office to answer a few emails and catch up on some jobs, then onto Tesco. Joshua was awake when I got back so we had a bath then went to bed.

So actually, I had no ‘me time’ at all yesterday, no time just sitting – watching tv or writing letters or emails to friends.I don’t usually get much but I normally grab a couple of minutes at least, so lets hope I can make up for it over this long weekend!

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