A grand day out

Yesterday we enjoyed a family day out at an agricultural show, which Joshua is not a great fan of and he slept throughout the day. we were able to take him around the rough ground as he has a giant three wheeled off-road buggy, which we call his ‘chariot’. It looks so much more comfortable than his wheelchair and , although he is now a heavy 9 stone, it is much easier to manoeuvre than a wheelchair on this rough terrain. My husband and I share the pushing as it gets tiring after a while and I particularly get uptight in busy marquees where everyone seems to be in my way. He also gets the pleasure of pushing Joshua up any hills! I feel as though after a full day out pushing a sleeping Joshua in the chariot, we have both had a great work out.

I have encouraged other parents of children with special needs to take their children out before I know; it is challenging for sure, but I would say worth the effort if you choose your activity carefully. Joshua has always had to fit in with or choice of day out bt even with an agricultural show, there is usually sometime for everyone to enjoy – in the past he has loved the brass band music and stayed awake for the Dog show, but neither could keep him alert yesterday. I needed to pack spare trousers in case of accidents, fleeces in case it was cold, plenty of nappies, the picnic rug in case we needed a lie down and his rescue medicine in case of prolonged seizure activity. So we had all of that on-board, making the chariot even heavier. That being said, we did not need any of those ‘extras’ but it pays to have them all to hand. I have a permanently packed changing bag which goes everywhere with us, and his carers when they are in charge, which as well as the changing equipment, also contains the Radar key to access public disabled toilets/changing facilities and also some gates on public footpaths.

Just a little preparation and a positive outlook, helps to create a Grand family day out!

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