Each to his own

I had a lovely day, full of ‘me time’ yesterday – I took the dogs for a walk up the hill beside the house first thing and was overwhelmed by the beauty and peace as I looked out across the dales. Then I pottered about in the kitchen making a rhubarb crumble and preparing a sunday roast and then a I cycled to the neighbouring village to go to church, so I had the whole morning to myself. I was able to do that because Joshua kindly slept all morning and when I got back from church, around 1pm, my husband had given him his breakfast and medication, and he had curled back up for a lie in.

I would not like every morning to be like this but it was a special treat yesterday, as I was able to fill my morning with whatever I wanted to do, which is the stuff that bank holiday weekends should be made of! Joshua can make the most of these mega-lie-ins, this weekend as from next week, I will be weaning him off them as he has just a week left before he needs to be up, breakfasted and dressed by8.15am!! This will be a struggle for him and always seems to be an impossibility to me at this stage of the long summer holiday, but we always make it, even if he does spend the first few days of term asleep at school!! They are very accommodating of Joshua’s NEED to sleep during the day, and now know him well enough to be able to tell the difference between his DESIRE to sleep and this NEED.

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