Joshua kindly slept for 15 hours last night, from 11.30pm until 2.30pm, and even as I woke him at 2.30, his face was begging for a few more minutes rest! But I insisted that he got up and we went out for a late lunch to a cafe, but as it was after 3pm before we sat down to eat,  they had stopped the lunchtime menu!

His lie in meant that we were able to get some jobs done on our wet bank holiday Monday : while my husband cut the hedges in the drizzle, I favoured such indoors tasks as washing, hoovering and reminiscing. Once I had completed my chores, I joined my husband in the garden to assist him by picking up the hedge trimmings. He made faster progress once he had an assistant and the end result was impressive, given the wet conditions he was working in. Our reward for working hard, while our son slept, was a cup of tea admiring his handy-work, followed by lunch out at a local cafe. As Joshua had not had his porridge all that long ago, it was hardly surprising that he did not want to eat his soup, but that he enjoyed two consecutive glasses of orange juice.

We returned to the cottage, before heading out again with our four dogs for a river walk. Joshua perked up in his chariot as he enjoyed watching the wet dogs leaping into the cold water and then shaking all over us. unfortunately, Ruby, our cocker spaniel, jumped into his lap with muddy paws in an attempt to escape a dunking in the river. He was covered in muddy paw prints which was a shame, as we went from the river to a local hotel for our evening meal. After his fresh air and exertions, Joshua devoured his bangers and mash for tea and he posed happily for photographs as he gazed at the candle on the table.

So after an unpromising start, this changed into a magical afternoon and evening and we also have the bonus of a neat hedge.

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