Bonus blog!

I have a friend who kindly confided in me yesterday that ‘Its reading your blog that gives me the incentive to open my mouth’, which I find really humbling. She is having a tough time at the moment as her husband is poorly and they are struggling to get any answers from their local NHS hospital/doctors. I really hope that this week brings them the answers that they need , so that they can finally know what they are dealing with and start to fight it.

Now I have no experience of their local hospital or of his particular illness, but I do have plenty of experience of dealing with NHS hospital appointments, of being fobbed off and of years of disappointing appointments with consultants, when our expectations have not been met. For years I accepted that this was just the way things were and that I could not expect anything better. But now, I am not sure if it is my age or frustration built up over the years of Joshua’s life, but I demand more and I complain if I do not get the service that Joshua deserves. I am not rude about it but I simply explain what it is that I require:

On 10 June, I blogged about my complaint about the cheap, ineffective nappies that Joshua is supplied with and I have written about the trial of alternative continence products that we underwent, where the supplier that has or local contract, supplied her more absorbent products. They too were ineffective and I reported the results of the trial back to the Continence nurse. She called this last week to ask if I was free, with a day’s notice, for her and the supplier’s rep. to come round to the house with an alternative product to try out. I was unable to make that appointment, as I was working away, and asked that the new product simply be posted to me to try out. But a home visit was insisted upon and it is taking place on Monday , almost 3 months after my original complaint!! Embarrassed by the length of time this cumbersome process was taking, she apologised and assured me that she was  ” doing her best”.

This may well be the case for both Joshua and my friend’s husband, but in these instances, their best is simply not good enough!

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