Care in the Community

It is often worth asking when you are out and about if there are any discounts available for your disabled child and yo as their carer too. Occasionally we have spontaneously been given free entrance to events for both Joshua and myself but more often than not, some discount is offered. When free entrance is given, it makes us feel so much more welcome and implies that our needs have been considered. We were out at another agricultural show yesterday and the disabled parking, for Blue Badge holders, was right on the showground so was well worth having. That being said, I was very glad of Joshua’s off-road ‘chariot’ as the wheelchair would have been impossible to push in the long, damp grass. These shows are ideal family entertainment as there is so much variety : Joshua enjoyed the brass band playing, the afternoon tea in a marquee and the angora goats, whereas I enjoyed watching the sheep dog trials most of all.

He now has less than a week of school holidays left, so I hope that he squeezes the most possible out of the remaining days that he has this week with his two carers. Sadly he looks this morning as though a seizure is brewing, so I am hoping that he can chase it away so that it does not blight today.

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