Empty efforts to solve our problem

It was almost three months ago since I had a rant on here about the inadequacies of the ‘system’ which meant that I could not get absorbent enough nappies for Joshua overnight. This matter is still not resolved as nothing more has happened since we were given some alternative products to trial and they failed. I reported back to the ‘Continence nurse’ that most of the trialled products had failed in practice. I chased at the start of August, before we went on holiday, and nobody was able to tell me where or case was up to as the relevant nurse was on holiday!

I had a call on my return from my holiday when I had an apology for taking so long to resolve my complaint and I was assured that they were ‘doing their best!’ The continence nurse and manufacturers’ rep are visiting us on Monday to bring  with them another, more absorbent product to trial! I am of course willing to try their suggestion with an open mind but I have to ask:

  1. why has it taken so long to offer us an alternative after the first trial failed?
  2. why are two more professionals visiting us to hand-deliver the nappies? would it not be more efficient, faster and less expensive to just post the products? we had  a meeting at school back in July with both of these ladies and we have already had one home visit when it was insisted that Joshua was present!
  3. why is it so difficult , and time-consuming, to solve our basic problem when the solution was obvious back in June?

I am not asking for the moon on a plate : I simply want my son to have a continence product that is absorbent enough not to leak overnight and I have been asking for that since the start of June.

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