Friday fun and frolics

I have Fridays off work and so it is a day of the week when I can please myself how i spend it, which is a great luxury. Yesterday I started my day at 5am with baking some brownies. Joshua was asleep when his PA arrived to take care of him and at 9.15 I headed out to the hairdressers for a hair cut and pedicure – proper ‘me time’. I had  lovely time there as I have been sing the same salon for over 20 years, so it is a very comfortable environment for me. I left a couple of hours later with toe nails painted green and my curly fringe had been straightened!

In the afternoon, we had visitors and sat talking all afternoon with intermittent cups of tea and chocolate brownies. They stayed for tea and overnight : Joshua was pleased to see our guests when he woke from his nap and the experience seemed to be mutual, which I always love.

My Fridays mark the start of my weekend as they separate my working week from my weekend and I  relish my treasured ‘day off’. So many of my Fridays, during term time, I have spent time at Joshua’s school with either volunteering in class, having meetings about Joshua or in my capacity as Parent Governor. I have often been accused of being crazy for ‘working’ at school on my day off after four hard days at my own office, but it is so very different from my ‘day job’ that it always feels like a treat and the perfect way to spend my free time and time spent with the pupils there, can never be described as a waste of my free time.

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