Goodness gracious me, what is going on?

Last week I cycled to our local chemist to collect Joshua’s prescription and it was only because I was on my bike that I realised that the bag of medicines she handed me was heavier than usual, so I questioned it. When we looked inside I immediately saw the problem: his usual Epilim time-release tablets had been exchanged for four large glass bottles of Epilim liquid. I queried it of course, and was told that his prescription had been changed by our local hospital!

I had not been consulted about this change and so I objected, but the pharmacist had to dispense what he was told.  I called the epilepsy nurse but she did not work on Friday’s so I just reached an answer-phone. I was not willing to risk changing a drug that Joshua had been on for over two years, over a weekend when both his consultant and epilepsy nurse were unavailable if we ran into trouble. So I told the pharmacist to hold onto the Epilim Liquid and I rode away with an incomplete batch of medicines.

Fortunately :

  • I realised while at the Chemist shop that this exchange had been made and so I could question it. On occasions I ask either my husband or  a friend to collect the prescription on my behalf and they would not have questioned the medicines but would simply have brought them home
  • I still have a supply of the Epilim time-released tablets to continue to give to Joshua until this week, when his consultant returns from holiday and will be able to explain why the swap has been made and to reassure me, if possible, that the move to Epilim Liquid will not impact Joshua’s seizures. Only then will I accept the changeover and she will find an email from me awaiting her on return from holiday asking for an explanation and that reassurance
  • I question everything, do not accept what  the pharmacist says just because he is a pharmacist, but not all parents of special needs children’s are as suspicious as me and some may just accept the change and take risks, unknowingly, with their children.

So I am hoping to get a call and explanation tomorrow….

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