Help,he looks like he will be dancing all night long

I am writing this blog at half midnight as Joshua had a seizure at 9pm in his bath – he gave out a loud shout ‘mummy’ then his arms and legs stiffened and his face headed downwards into his bath water. It was not the most severe or longest lasting seizure and within ten minutes he had knelt up and was splashing in his water again.It can be difficult to get a post-seizure out of the bath but he helpfully stood up when he had had enough.

I walked a very wobbly Joshua to his bedroom where he continued to tremble as I got him into his pyjamas. he climbed into bed willingly enough, so I was encouraged and left him with a kiss to go to sleep, while I came downstairs to watch some television. But after 20 minutes, my husband brought a restless Joshua from the landing downstairs where he enjoyed his supper of Rice Krispies.

Joshua’s dad left us to go to bed, that was over an hour ago. Since then we watched the end of ‘Notting Hill’ then tried the downstairs bed, where Joshua lasted less than 5 minutes before he slid out the end of the bed. So as I am typing, he is watching a BBC Four programme about guitar riffs! I am still hopeful that we will grab some winks at some stage during the night; so much for my plan of early nights during the run up to school restarting on Tuesday !

4am update : we had four different attempts to go to bed but he would wriggle to the bottom of the bed, almost immediately, and slide out. I have grabbed a few winks but he is still running on empty and playing the piano – plinky plonk! while he plays, I am now making porridge for his breakfast…..

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